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The principle purpose of TLC is to provide an environment and the tools for people who are drug and alcohol abusers that will help them change their way of thinking. The scriptures say "As a man thinketh so is he". By teaching spiritual principles we will aid the participant in learning and applying these principles to their lives. At least three things will happen as a result of this. He or she will develop a healthy self-concept; He or she will become a productive citizen; He or she will become an asset rather than a liability to society. Our goal is to teach each participant how to live successful lives outside of this program. This will be the key to bringing them out of bondage.

Touching Lives Through Covenant offers a 12-step program for people who desire to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. TLC provices an evnvironment and the tools that will help the participant to be delivered. TLC Meetings are held every Thursday and Friday at 7:00pm and on every Friday at 1:00pm. Meetings are held at 508 S. Cherry Road.

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